Welcome to version 2.0 Featured

Welcome to version 2.0

Well, Well, Well!!!

This is a pleasure for me to be writing the ultimate first article of the version 2.0.

It has been a long time since I've written. Nonetheless, I will not let the pen cry less than it should.

The new format that you will be receiving  comprise of:


  • Blog or Vlogs
  • Tutorials
  • Tech News (written by me)
  • Random feeds about what I do and like to do

I hope you will like the new format and that it will encourage you to interact with me.


I will be very active and loud about subjects that passionate me and will try to do the same for others.

If you do not know my name, you might be on the wrong site: it is kind of obvious in your URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The level of my talks will be ranging from Entry Level, Intermediate and Junior Level. Most of my talks will be for informational purpose only.

I am not liable for any misconduct or results of you performing or following my guidance.


Long Story short, enjoy my site. Contents are coming soon.


To My clients:

This site will be the go-to spot for exchange,  support as well as payments.

I am professionally making it easy for you.

I thank you for your business.



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